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DVRSD3          £239.00

Professional In-Car 4 Chanell DVR for Taxi/Bus security

with built in 2.5" monitor for instant playback

This compact 4 Chanell Digital Video Recorder is designed  for use in  taxis and buses as a stand-alone accident or incident  recorder  and can  be used  with  any of the cameras on this website. With one camera aimed  at the driver and another aimed at the rear passengers you can record any incident or assault on the driver, and if you aim another camera frontwards through the windscreen and  the fourth camera out the rear you will have video evidence in case of an accident. It records both video and sound.

Has a lockable metal cover to prevent unauthorised interference.

It can provide 5 kinds of video recording:
1. 24 hours recording
2. Recording only when the ignition is turned on
3. Ignition off time delay recording
4. Door opening and closing recording
5. Scheduled time recording

Video Input:                            Composite Video 4Vpp (4 Chanell)
Video Output:                         Composite Video 1Vpp
Rated Operational Current:       <300mA
Power Input:                           12v to 36v DC Power Supply
Resolution:                              PAL
Record Rate:                           30fps, 25fps, 20fps, 15fps, 10fps (easy set)
Video Compression:                AVI (MPEG4)
Video Playback Mode:              PC or Any Monitor (just insert the SD Card)
Recording Media:                     SD Card, up to 32 GB
Video Quality:                         VGA (640 x 480), QVGA (320 x 240)

Complete with power supply box microphone and User Manual. A 32GB SD Card can store about 64 hours consecutive (VGA 640 x 480) and approx 192 hours consecutive (VGA 320 x 240)
(SD Card is not included)

DVRSD3          £239.00