4 channels SD Card Mobile DVR for Taxi or Bus security


This compact 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder is designed  for use in  taxis and buses as a stand-alone accident or incident  recorder  and can  be used  with  any of  the cameras in my  eBay shop.  With one camera aimed at the driver  and another aimed at  the rear  passengers you  can record  any  incident or assault on the driver, and if you aim another camera  frontwards through  the windscreen and  the fourth camera out the rear you will have video evidence in case of an accident. It records both video and sound.

               Has a lockable metal cover to prevent unauthorised interference.

Main Features:

>     H.264 video compression algorithm

>     Compact size  and standard car electronic interface makes it easy for embedded installation

>     Multi-information display and recording: Car Number, Time, Channel, , Speed, and

       Station name information, freely supports setting of overlay and recording

>     Supports a wide voltage car power supply input (8~60V), with protection of overvoltage,

       under-voltage, short circuit and over-current

>     Air connector interface used, provides excellent waterproof, shockproof performance

>     Pluggable SD-case used, provides powerful vibration-proof capability



Main Processor:         High performance embedded microprocessor
Operating System:     Embedded LINUX
System Resources:   Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup
Control Mode:           IR remote control


Input:                      4 channels Composite Video-in (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
Standard:               PAL (625 Line, 50 f/s)
Output:                  1 Channel Composite Video-out (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
Display:                 1 Channel or 4 Channels




Input:                    4 channels-in, impedance 600ohm
Output:                 1 channel-out
Compression:       ADPCM/G 726




Video/Audio Compression:  H.264 / PCM
mage Resolution:               D1 (704×576/704×480) / HD1(352×576/352×480) /
Video Bit stream:                1M/512K/256K/128K (optional)
Audio Bit Stream:                ADPCM. 8KB/s
Storage:                              SD Card
Video Frame Rate:              1-25 (FBS)


Playback & Backup

Playback Channel:            1 Channel or 4 Channels (split screen)
Search Mode:                     Time/Date, Alarm & Exact search (accurate to second)
Playback Functions:          Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast play, Slow play, Next file, Previous file, Next camera, Previous camera, Full screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup selection
Backup Mode:                    SD Card
Playback:                            Monitor / PC / TV



SD Card:                          1 SD card supported
Space Occupation:          Audio: 28.8MB/H, Video: 56~900MB/H


Power Supply:                 DC 12v - 36v 
Operating Current:         <150mA  
Working Environment:     0℃~+55℃ 10%~95%RH / 86~106kpa
Dimensions:                     170mm x 110mm x 45mm (WxDxH)
Weight:                              450 gm


(SD Card is not included)

DVRSD5         £187.00