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DVRSD8     £36.00

Full HD Vehicle Driving Recorder

This entry level HD recorder captures every part of your journey and can provide eveidence if you
are involved in an accident. Both police and insurers are able to use the video as evidence as an
independent witness. The video, whilst continuous, is broken into segments so that it is easy to find
the required video clip. When plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, it will begin recording as soon
as the ignition is switched on and will continue to record after the ignition is turned off, for a preset time.

2.4" TFT screen

Comes with all accessories and full instructions

In case of an accident, you can instantly play back what had happened and the evidence
can be used to support any insurance claim.

  * LCD Screen: 2.4" TFT LCD
  * Camera: 140 A+ grade High Resolution ultra wide angle lens.
  * File Format: AVI
  * Video Resolution: Maximum 1080P
   * Photo Format: JPEG
  * Motion Detection: Supported
  * Time Stamp: Date and Time Stamp supported
  * Memmory: Supports 4 GB to 32 GB Micro SD Card
  * Power: Built-in battery
   * Dimensions: 90mm x 53mm x 19mm


DVRSD8    £36.00